7xCoke Museum

        This is my private collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia.  I started my collection on October 8, 1992.  The first Coca-Cola memorabilia I bought was a Sheffield straight-sided amber bottle.  It cost me a fortune but I was just fascinated by it.  In fact I was looking for a medical antique when I saw this interesting bottle.  The shape and the color of the bottle made me curious about Coca-Cola.  The owner of the antique mall, Mike Jones, who is a coke collector himself, gave me a brief history of Coca-Cola.  From that day on, I became an enthusiast.  I bought almost everything that have the name Coca-Cola on it.  I amassed a collection very quickly that my attic was filled with Coca-Cola items from crowns to vending machines, from coupons to cardboard signs.  My wife Margie, fearful that our attic would collapse, gave me the permission to convert the two-car garage into my mini-museum.

North West Wing

7xCoke Bar


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