Coca-Cola Moments

The coke or the horn????
Mkuzi, Natal Province
South Africa
November 9, 1994

"The Ideal Brain Tonic"
(Slogan 1893)

Have a Coke and a Smile

(Slogan 1979)

(Slogan 1990s)

Holy Land, Israel
October 25, 1999

Shalom Y'all!
Jerusalem, Israel
October 25, 1999

"Great Together"
(Slogan 1932)



Disney World
June 3, 1998

"Always Delightful"
(Slogan 1923)

Disney World
June 1, 1998

"Face the day refreshed"
(Slogan 1939)

Panama City, Florida
August 5, 1994

"Things Go Better With Coke"
(Slogan 1963)

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Coke is it"
(Slogan 1980)

Palestinian National Authority
October 25, 1999

"Delicious refreshing"
(Slogan 1900)

Opryland Hotel
May 25, 2000

"Wherever you go you'll
find Coca-Cola"
(Slogan 1905)


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