Coca-Cola Rarities


                       Glass Holder
                        c 1904-1912

A glass holder made to fit the flare glass used at soda fountains.  They are handmade pewter with quadruple silver plate.  The bottom is stamped "Crown Mfg. Co. Quadruple Plate"  2 3/4" tall, base diameter of 2 1/8", top diameter of 2 5/8".  Very rare probably only 4 in existence.

                         Glass Holder
                             c 1901-1904

Silver glass holder.  A triple plate silver made to fit
the straight sided glass.  2" x 2"

Syrup Jug
Early 1900

Embosed glass jug with wood handle.
11" x  6"

Chewing Gum
Coca-Cola Pepsin Gum
Tin Container
c 1912


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